Anyone want to come over and hang

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Do you want to hang out with a friend, but you find it hard to invite them because they seem busy, so you never ask? How do you ask them if their schedule has room for a new activity? Chrissy Caley. It seems straightforward, but the best way to hang out with someone is to actually meet them in person.

Anything that gets you around people who you may want to hang out with.

Anyone want to come over and hang

Do you love photography? a local photography group. Do you stay at home with your kids? a SAHM group for play dates and mom nights out. Move to a new neighborhood? the neighborhood groups to get connected and learn about the happenings around your new place. Ask them what they do for fun, what they did last weekend, where they went on vacation. Let the friendship evolve naturally.

Let them know you are going to go somewhere at a later date. This could be going to an event, a park, or even the library, anything you enjoy doing or do on a regular basis. See what their reaction is and how interested they seem. If they say they are busy but offer another time, they are likely interested in hanging out but have a scheduling conflict. See if you can come up with a mutually agreeable date and time. Offer to meet at a coffee shop, restaurant, park, or other places you would meet up with a friend. If that all goes well, then see if they want to come over to your house and hang out.

If they offer to host, be open to that as well. This is where a lot of people make a mistake. I cannot stress enough how important it is to make a decision and pick a time to hang out. Implementing this one step can make all the difference in your social calendar.

But many times people are thankful the other person asked! Intuition-Driven Living Coach, Thriveandbloom. Maybe you have a common interest that would be fun to do together, or you want to get to know your colleagues a little better. The more clear you are about why you actually want to hang out with them, the easier it will be to ask. All the good feelings produced by you sharing why you want to hang out with them will be decimated by the resulting squandered momentum, awkwardness, or annoyance.

This is not the time to list all 31 flavors of ice cream on the menu! You could offer a choice of 2 different days, or times, or 2 different but similar activities coffee or apps, for example. You want to give them the opportunity to participate in the process without overwhelming them with options. I know it can feel risky and scary to invite someone new to hang out.

Anyone want to come over and hang

Invitations should not come laced with pressure or worries. I mean, who would not want to hang out with you? Social media has made it so easy to ask someone out, and you can be creative with memes, games, videos, photoshopped pictures, or gifs.

Show them you pay attention to them by reminding them of something they mentioned in a conversation. Playing games can be fun when you have a partner or a group of people to play with. It is a good way to bond and have fun, so give it a try. If your request is denied, do not take it to heart; people live busy lives. HR Manager, Lab.

At all times, you want to maintain a casual attitude about it. The more needy and clingy you come off, the less likely the person will want to hang out with you.

Anyone want to come over and hang

On the other hand, the more confident and non-attached to the outcome you are, the higher the likelihood of them wanting to spend time with you. Otherwise, they were never that interested in the first place, which is OK.

After all, there is plenty of other people you have yet to meet that share your interests and would love to share quality time together with you. Focus on these instead.

Anyone want to come over and hang

Tina B. Tessina, PhD. Instead, ask them to go for coffee, for a walk or skateboarding, to the beach, to the park, or to come sit with you on the porch. Take a moment to think about why you want to hang out with this person, and put that in your invitation. Would you like to go for a walk with me? It will work better if you have some idea of what the other person likes or likes to do.

Want to go get one with me? Co-Founder, VinPit.

Anyone want to come over and hang

Asking someone to hang out feels like the most dreaded step at the beginning of any relationship. It may be your friend, a co-worker, or some you have met across a dating platform. Calm down and ask them out without being pushy or desperate. Would you mind catching up later or sometime? If you have been talking to someone for a while, try to discover if you have some common interest or place. If yes, you can use your advantage and ask to spend time together to do that activity or even visit a place. If you make a general request to hang out in the future, the chances are it is highly unlikely to happen.

Thus think of a few dates when you are free in the coming weeks. Weekdays are often hectic. People hardly find time to communicate, lagging between work and personal stuff. The best approach is to ask someone to hang out on weekends since they might be free and open to meet. As a self-proclaimed extrovert, I find it pretty easy to ask others to hang out with me. I usually keep it casual, though. I would usually link this suggestion to mutual interest.

What do you think? To avoid this, I always make sure that I mentioned my partner within the conversation before inviting the person to hang out. Are you free on Friday afternoon? If they say no or avoid agreeing to a time and place, try not to take it personally. That person might just have a lot on at the moment. Certified Outdoors Guide and Educator, Outforia. Mention hearing about an upcoming event or an interesting place, and express wanting to check it out. You can then gauge from their response whether they are interested in the activity or location, but more importantly, whether they are interested in hanging out with you.

If they suggest going together, your job is done! If not, you can decide whether to ask them if they would like to go together based on how interested they seem while leaving room for them to say no. For instance:. Once broad interest for hanging out has been established, make sure to follow up shortly by tying down more details to make sure they hang out actually happens!

At this stage, it might become apparent that the other party does not really want to hang out and has been agreeing more out of politeness or just conversationally. If tying down the details proves to be difficult on three or more counts, you can assume they do not want to hang out or leave the onus to them to plan and initiate a specific hang out time and place.

Co-Founder, Coco. For a greater social and personal life, sometimes you have to take the lead of inviting people out. Normally, when you plan on inviting someone to go on a date or hang out, you concentrate a lot of your effort and time on seeking to come up with the accurate phrase of inviting them out. When inviting someone to hang out, your nature with the invitation can determine whether they are going to say yes or no. No one desires to spend time with people who are needed for their attention or can be too clingy.

Perhaps, you want some advice as to the best restaurants in the region, and then you can catch up by asking them if they would want to go with you there. Or you can recommend something to them about a place, then set a date. Eyewear Specialist, Shark Eyes. When I moved to a different city, I had to put myself out there and ask people to hang out with me. The possibility of coming across as desperate or lonely never occurred to me, but it could have gone that way in hindsight.

I think the key to getting others to want to hang out with you is down to how you approach them. If you know something they are particularly interested in, use that knowledge to suggest hanging out sometime. Similar to my first tip, keep things relaxed. The Editors. Well, there are easy ways to ask someone to hang out, according to experts.

Anyone want to come over and hang

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