Bored and need to get out

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But now, with what seems to be the never-ending social distancing, boredom has become completely and utterly inevitable. Tye dye T-shirts. Tye dye white T-shirts in a matching color scheme with your. When the shirts are dried, have an inside photoshoot and post the photos to Instagram.

Bored and need to get out

Snag an adult coloring book filled with intricate des and some colored pencils and watch the minutes float on by. Turn your latest family photos into a scrapbook. Print out the photos from your latest family trip and compile them all into a memorable scrapbook that the family will cherish for years to come.

Related: 75 Fun Websites. Using your smartphone, shoot a movie or re-create one using household props. Use editing software like iMovie to put it all together. Keep your kids entertained for hours with just glue, eye contact solution, and food coloring. Look up the recipes for other slime variations to keep the fun going. Dust off your favorite book and read it from cover-to-cover.

Bored and need to get out

If the book made it to the silver screen, watch the movie adaptation and make notes to compare! The CDC says that walking outside is still allowed and encouraged! Just be mindful to keep a 6-foot distance between yourself and others. Nothing is more delicious than a fresh cookie out of the oven. Bake up a storm using classic recipes found online or be daring and create your own. With free apps, like Duolingo, now is a great time to learn a foreign language for your next trip. Keeping a journal or a diary is a great way to navigate through tough feelings while also killing some time.

Knitting and embroidery are an awesome way to bring a personal touch to your wardrobe and home decor. Check out some YouTube tutorials on what the perfect stitch is for a circle scarf. Make like Marie Kondo and spark some joy by reorganizing your closets and de-cluttering your surroundings. Related: Ways to Keep Kids Entertained. With music-sharing apps like Spotify or Pandora, create your own personalized playlists and share them with friends. All you need for the game are some dice, friends, and imagination.

If someone created a drink after you, what would be in it? Create it and make sure to put it on the menu at your next dinner party. While many restaurants are closed for dine-in customers, many are still offering delivery and pickup options. Use apps like Seamless or Uber Eats to support your favorite local grub spot.

Bored and need to get out

Clear out the living room, set down a blanket, and make your own picnic lunch without having to step outside. Slice some vegetables like cucumbers and onion and throw them in a mason jar filled with vinegar and seasonings. Seal the jar and let it sit for a while until your next barbecue for some pickled toppings.

Remind yourself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel by counting your blessings. Use cute stationery or your favorite pen to make it extra special. Have a date night at home inspired by the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Juli. Test your culinary skills by cooking an involved recipe like beef Wellington or coq au vin. Related: Riddles for Kids. In these tense times, a bubble bath can be a great way to unwind. Add a little aromatherapy with calming scents like lavender or jasmine to increase your zen.

Create a healthier alternative by mixing together your own frozen fruit concoction. See how these films stand out from the rest. Go through your favorite Pinterest board and see what hacks you can do around the house. Make note of the ones that work. Open the bottles you have already in the house. Make up a story about the grapes and how they ended up turning into wine. With breaking news changing from day-to-day, it may be a good time to go over your annual budget and see what needs to be adjusted.

Clear out the living room and build a fort or pitch a tent to bring some of the outdoors, inside! If you really want to go all out, roll out some sleeping bags and hang up some glow-in-the-dark stars for some sweet memories. Give your grandparents a call and ask them all about their lives.

Record the conversation using your phone. Do you have a future wildlife expert living among you? Give the kids a lesson in zoology and see what the animals are up to by checking out the live cameras at the San Diego Zoo! Even though tickets for flights around the world are at an all-time low, it is strongly advised not to travel further than your own backyard. If adventure is calling your name, load up Google Earth, type in your dream destination, and give yourself a virtual tour.

Who needs the salon? Be sure to look at YouTube tutorials to learn how to do fun des! Use this time to watch YouTube tutorials and learn how to boogie in different ways. Dancing like belly dancing and shuffling are great ways to stay in shape without the gym. Transform your living room into a movie theater with popcorn and snacks and marathon classic films, like Star Wars or Back to the Future!

Bored and need to get out

Bonus points if you can come up with fun ways to watch the series in a different order. Calm your mind by taking 10 minutes or more to meditate and quiet your thoughts. Browse through YouTube for some guided meditations or download apps like Hepace for some quick sessions.

Face masks, moisturizers, and skincare galore! Treat yourself to a 10 step skincare routine and get your pamper on. With uncertain times, most local businesses are being forced to close without knowing if they can re-open. Support your local neighborhood by buying gift certificates now and then use later.

Have each family member create one character. Then have one person start by writing a chapter, then hand to the next person to write chapter two, and so forth. Continue until the story ends! With March Madness canceled, conduct your own Scrabble tournament with your family. Have your kids fill out brackets to predict the winner! If quarantining has left you more distant than social, consider coordinating a video hangout with loved ones.

Video sharing software like Zoom or Skype can be used to play online games with each other and extensions like Netflix Party can be used for a virtual movie night! Related: How to Use Zoom. Be like a heroine in a Jane Austin novel and write a letter by hand. Send it off to a loved one and wait for a response. Being sleep deprived can weaken your immunity cells and increase your chances of getting sick. Take advantage of the fact that you have a pet in your life and spend some extra time teaching it some fun tricks. You can even get your kids involved and show off what you taught your pet via FaceTime to your friends and family.

You might not be going into as many stores lately, so why not learn how to make some new accessories yourself? With YouTube tutorials, you can find out what items you need to purchase and how you can create your dream jewelry at home for a fraction of the cost! You can hang them on your fence, from your trees or overhead on your deck. Complete a crossword.

Challenge yourself to a mind game, like a crossword. You can find one in a newspaper, magazine or even online that you can print out.

Bored and need to get out

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