Bored man looking for a woman

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Not only that, being boring makes it harder for you to connect with the right people, whilst repelling the wrong people in your life. Not to mention, just between you and I, the truth is that boring people are last in line when it comes to reproductive success. At least a bitch might be selfishly exciting or at the very least; cause someone to have strong feelings about you. These strong feelings cause the people who care about you to move towards you, and the wrong people to move away from you.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most selfish, crazy, egocentric or even arrogant people still have people gravitating toward them? You just need to be okay with knowing that you have a bitch inside you, and that this bitch will come out at the right people in your life. And I say…. Or hurt your. Or steal from your home. These are extreme examples, but they serve the purpose of making a point. And that point is that some people are going to inspire the bitch in you. A bitchy or selfish person is rarely a selfish person with everybody.

Even the most selfish people have unselfish sides. If you choose to pay attention, I promise it will help you know how to stop being a boring girlfriend. Why is this? Well, because, people who have value, have a lot of options to choose from. There simply is no need to please, because there is always a nice option out there for them. Their life is far too interesting, and the other high status people they hang around are far too engaging.

But why would you want to give them what they want if they are not invested in you in the first place?

Bored man looking for a woman

Survival and reproduction created us. We are here to continue to survive and procreate. Without these two drives, we are nothing. And these are the two strongest drives within us. So let me tell you about a lady I recently spoke to who slapped a man in a public art gallery the first time they met! A woman named Stephanie who ed me recently proved this. And in fact, it was the MAN she slapped who e-mailed me for advice. I later got talking to this lady as well. By the way, they later started dating and roughly 2 months later, are still together as we speak thanks for the updates Stephanie.

I went through that stage.

Bored man looking for a woman

It is not only quite possibly an abusive act…. Personally, I would never slap a man in an art gallery the first time we met. Was the way she expressed her authentic emotion ideal? Possibly not.

Bored man looking for a woman

But was her action a result of feeling angry? Mostly likely yes. Was her slap a that she erected her own boundaries? Yes, but arguably too aggressively. She responded to him with a slap, and he got the message. So, whilst her action is extreme, right now for us, it serves a purpose. It serves the purpose of being an example of just how important feeling and embodying our authentic emotion is. Not only that, it is often the only thing that really gets through to men! Well, men only change when we actually embody our primary emotion. Because women like this are inauthentic and not real.

The example of this lady slapping this man in the art gallery? But as I said, a woman who chooses to be too nice is not only going to get taken advantage of by the type of men who are out to exploit. She is far less interesting for a man to be with! A woman without boundaries and multidimensionality is ultimately boring. As for the question of whether being violent towards men is the right answer, of course it is not. Unless it is the right response. For example, if a guy is repeatedly disregarding your boundaries despite you putting up boundaries, then at some point it would be best for you to resort to some kind of aggressive remark or action.

Often it is the pleasers and approval seekers who end up doing the most damage in this world. Not only are they boring, they strip value from the world because they never honour how they are really feeling.

Bored man looking for a woman

Because when your emotion reaches boiling point, it is usually the unsuspecting, undeserving people who have to take the brunt of the blow. Yes, women with authentic emotion are more trustworthy to men, because their emotion gets dealt with spontaensouly and immediately.

Instead of letting emotions fester to the point of explosive resentment and anger, the emotion is expressed and felt and then no residue is leftover. A woman who withholds emotion only to later on weaponize them is not only highly untrustworthy, she is showing up low value. Why is this important? So if you want to figure out how to not be a boring girlfriend, listen up because…boring girlfriends and wives often have these 5 mindsets. 1 — The tendency to avoid being noticed in social situations for fear of people judging you.

This belief usually goes under the radar, in your subconscious. You may not think you hold this belief, but your actions show that you do. You picked it up at School. Mistakes are one of the most valuable things in your life. Every time you make a mistake, you give yourself a beautiful gift. If you choose to, you become more, as a person.

Bored man looking for a woman

What you truly need, is to fail faster. It might be a hard thing to do — but it works.

Bored man looking for a woman

And they show that you have the energy, and the passion in your life to actually stand for something. And of course — the other valuable thing about having an opinion is that it bonds you further to other people who share your values too. By the way, being boring is one of the things you want to avoid if you want to get a high value boyfriend in your life.

Bored man looking for a woman

And when you think about it, what excites us humans is the juicy, controversial stuff. But can you be a woman with a natural air of mystery by being multidimensional, and not rejecting your dark feminine side? I think you could! So should you sit there bagging other people all day long to make yourself feel better? Probably not. But you should express your honest, authentic feelings and opinions, and use that as a way of bonding to others. That makes you the low value person. 4 — Talking about yourself all the time.

Especially when you are in a group. You want to aim for a conversation that adds value to YOU as well as others. If you want to talk about yourself, fine — as long as you care about making them interesting and relateable. If you have interesting, great stories to tell, people will want to listen. 5 — A lack of passion. Which means that fewer men will want to commit their life to you, and people will not find value in spending time with you.

You are not naturally meant to be boring! So, by trying hard to stick to your rules is going to ruin your passion for life. It will ruin your enjoyment of it, and therefore your ability to connect to all of life and show up as a multidimensional woman! If you want your phone to be buzzing at least sometimes and if you want men to pursue you — get passionate. How do you become a passionate person?

Go first. For example, other people. Or just care more about learning from people. Learning from their life experience. Or even sharing and talking with other people whose stories you can learn from. Do you want to experience something in your relationship, like for example, more fun? Give it first. Add that value first. It moves you. It moves you to feel. Moving through emotional difficulty is also moving through physical difficulty. And so it will be, that the energy you put out to the world will be more passionate.

More multidimensional. Less boring. By the way, I want to teach you 5 secrets to having your man fall deeply in love with you and beg you to be his one and only. If you want to be supported by a warm community of high value feminine women, then our Facebook Group. Together with her husband D. The purpose of dating is to grow a relationship into a marriage and potentially having children. Boring women can be difficult to spend time with but they make for better mothers, wives and caretakers. The … ». There is no such thing as a boring person.

Accurate as far as you take it. I have a boring woman; and within the confines of her boredom she is interesting-a homebody. I would add one more category: risk taking. The thrill of taking that risk-that gamble, and the payoff for a boring girl is a most thrilling moment.

It shatters the self perceptions; the self-limitations. Its best to take risks with men, it seems the focal point of most boring … ». One, slapping a man is not on, that is assault. Two, most women are boring and have no hobbies, whereas most guys have heaps of hobbies. Being nice is not a bad thing, if a woman cannot get excited being with a guy who treats her well and wonr put up with her bullshit, then she is the one with the issues.

Hows about rather than expecting perfection in a guy, you ladies work on not being boring. Because if you are boring, the only thing of value you have is a vagina. Feminism teaches women now that men can be mistreated. Slap me, and I will call the police, and press charges. Hitting men is assault, and women want equality right. Well with that comes equal responsibility. Hit me, and you will take full responsibility.

Bored man looking for a woman

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What Makes A Woman Boring & How Not to be Boring to Men