Christmas season dating

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Christmas season dating

Having Christmas traditions in your family and as a couple is something that every person should do! You can really never have too much Christmas cheer!

Christmas season dating

I really enjoy hearing what other families do to celebrate the season. What are you waiting for? Get started! Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. These gifting traditions are perfect presents to give every year and will give you and your spouse something fun to look forward to each year.

Sexy Stocking — A stocking tradition meant for just you and him! Santa Baby Chocolate Wraps — Dress up chocolate candy nuggets by wrapping it in a Santa inspired printable. Want, Need, Wear, Read Tags — Use these adorable printables to cut down on the quantity of Christmas gifts while improving the quality and making it more meaningful! Elfed — Leave your neighbor a sweet treat with a challenge to pass it on! Love Letters — Write an old-fashioned, thoughtful letter to your spouse and pop it in the mail!

Christmas season dating

Christmas Calendar — Create a calendar for the coming year filled with photos of your favorite moments together. Passport to Love — A year of romantic date nights traveling around the globe! Love Note Tree — Write love notes on hearts and hang them as ornaments on a special tree. Naughty or Nice Notes — Leave notes around the house for your spouse to find.

Christmas Shoes — Put out your shoes on St. Ding Dong Ditch — Anonymously leave a surprise treat for your neighbor — ring the doorbell and run! Christmas Mocktails — Mix up a Christmas drink or two and toast to the holidays with your sweetheart.

Fondue — Warm up on a chilly night with chocolatey fondue. You could even use Christmas cookies for dipping! How good does that sound?! Hot Chocolate Bar — Gather up a few festive mugs, a variety of hot chocolates, and some fun toppers or mix-ins and make a night out of creative hot cocoa. Chocolate Pinecones — Just a few simple ingredients and you can make some realistic pinecones fit to eat!

Gingerbread Houses — Turn this classic holiday tradition into a competition and have friends or family vote on a favorite or just work together on a masterpiece. Monte Cristos — Make a delicious sandwich for lunch with your leftover Christmas ham! Baking them in the shape of a tree is even more festive! Here are plenty of traditions to start in the days before the holiday! You can have a theme like a new variety of hot tea, cocoa, cider or soda for each night. Take turns toasting to each other, your marriage or the spirit of the season.

Christmas Bucket — Plan out the days before Christmas by wrapping gifts new and old as well as ideas for activities see our Holiday Bucket List and placing them in a bucket.

Christmas season dating

As each day passes, grab a gift and have some fun! Hubby on the Shelf — A version of Elf on the Shelf for just the two of you. Put your hubby in hilarious situations but leave him with some love coupons as a reward! Clothespin Countdown — A simple version of a countdown that will be a cute decoration as well! Spouse Christmas Countdown and Spouse Christmas Countdown — A countdown made especially for your spouse, filled with compliments, acts of service and fun couples activities. Good Deeds of Christmas — A countdown that is perfect for keeping you focused on the true meaning of Christmas, although you can reward yourself a little, too!

This year add to your traditional Christmas decor with these unique ideas:. Hidden Pickle — Hide and seek with a pickle?! Pull a pickle out of the fridge maybe a fake ornament pickle is better and hide it in your tree. See how long it takes for him to find it.

Christmas season dating

Take turns and see if you can get faster! Farolitos — Create a more intricate version of luminarias. Decorate and cut out shapes in the bags you use to light up the streets on Christmas Eve. Popcorn and Cranberry Strings — This classic tradition is perfect for some quality time to sit, relax, and decompress together, plus you get a pretty garland for the tree! Annual Christmas Ornament — Pick out an ornament to represent your year together, and maybe even have it personalized with your names and the year.

Then, write about it in a Family Keepsake Ornament Album. Snowflake Cut Outs — I remember cutting out snowflakes as a kid, but this is an even better option. They would be an easy addition to your decor this season. It would be great to have the memories of each year visible on your Christmas tree. Parols — These colorful decorations originated in the Phillippines and you can learn to make them yourself!

These special traditions you can come back to every Christmas season. Service Date — Give your time together by volunteering at a food bank or anywhere that help is needed. Keeping CHRIST in Christmas — An entire round-up, including gifts, snacks, home decor, music, and even more ways to keep in mind the reason for this season. Fill the Manger — Remember the importance of thinking about others by doing acts of service in the days and weeks before Christmas. Each time you do something kind, plant a seed — on Christmas eve use the sprouts to fill your manger.

Scripture by Candlelight — A list of beautiful and relevant scriptures to read by candlelight, together. Christmas Envelope — Write letters to Jesus explaining what you plan to do in the coming year to improve or something you are willing to give up. Share your letters on Christmas day. Eat by candlelight and even on the floor, while listening to the story of His birth. Creative Nativity Play — An active tradition that would be great with a few more — family, friends, or neighbors.

Find creative ways to put on the Nativity Play — try performing a shadow drama, acting silently or doing it backwards! First Gift of Christmas — Keep a box of gifts ways you will serve to give Christ each year. The Christmas Giving Jar — Collect your spare change throughout the year and give it to a family who needs it during the Christmas season.

Write down kind things you do for others as Christmas approaches and even ways you plan to be kind in the coming year. These date ideas are sure to be a hit during the holidays! Christmas Photo Booth — Create your own photo booth and take some wacky pictures!

Snow Ideas — Some great snow-related activities for playing even when there is no snow. Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt — Hop in the car and try to check off everything on our list! If you want to bring a few friends, try this fast-paced, competitive Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. Christmas Win It in a Minute — These fast-paced games will have you in hysterics in a friendly competition with your spouse! Have a snack in the car! Check your town or nearby cities to get the season started with your community. Holiday Bucket List — Work or play your way through this list of Holiday must-do activities!

Stocking Stuffer Shopping Double Date — Grab another couple and make a date night out of shopping for each other. A great idea is to split up into girls and guys and work together, plus the ladies can be prepared with our list of Stocking Stuffers for HIM! Year in Review — As the year begins to wrap up, get together and reminisce about the most memorable parts of your year together. Make this beautiful keepsake as a couple. Midnight Treat — Stay up until midnight on purpose and celebrate in the first, quiet hours of Christmas together with a toast and a small treat.

As your family grows, so will your traditions. These fun traditions are perfect for a Christmas with two or two plus a few! Elf on the Shelf — A favorite tradition of kiddos everywhere, here are some of the most creative Elf ideas. Carol Charades — Play charades where the answers are Christmas Carols. Find and Fill Nativity Scene — Let the kids help set up your Christmas nativity scene while learning about the role each person played in the Christmas story.

Give them clues and let them find each figure to fill the scene. Book Advent Calendar — Read a new Christmas story each night. Conversation Starters — Interesting and insightful questions to get the conversation going at family dinners!

Santa Sack — Instead of wrapping gifts from Santa. ALSO give back to needy. Give each kid their own Santa Sack and let them fill it with old toys to give to kids in need. Kindness Elves — A different kind of elf! Instead of watching to make sure the kids behave, this elf looks for acts of kindness and suggests ways you can help others during the holidays! Dear Santa — Kids write their wish lists to Santa using an adorable free printable.

Include a new pair of PJs, a book, a board game, hot cocoa, popcorn and a Christmas movie. Shaving Cream Santa Beard — Another idea for some silly family photos — or just for fun! Do you remember using bubbles during bath time to make a beard? Shaving cream works much better! Gingerbread Playdough — Scented playdough to give your home a Christmasy aroma!

Make these and fill them with all kinds of goodies to give out as little treats for friends, neighbors, or teachers! Family Christmas Photo — Make time to create a lasting memory with a family photo.

Christmas season dating

Check out 64 for some fun photo booth style props! DIY Christmas Cards — Get the kids involved in sending cheer by creating their own Christmas cards to mail to family and friends. Coloring s — Fun and free printable coloring s for Christmas. Add the finished artwork to your family Christmas cards. Christmas Bingo — A classic tradition that would be a great way to keep the kids busy during any holiday party. The Truth in Tinsel — A beautiful Christmas advent to celebrate the real purpose of the Christmas season.

Christmas season dating Christmas season dating

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32 Magical, Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for Couples