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The School Wide Positive Behaviour Support program is deed to bring together school communities to develop positive, safe and supportive learning cultures by helping to foster an environment that assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children. Students, parents and staff were greeted by perfect weather conditions for our Years House Swimming Carnival today. The pool was a hive of activity with swimming events and a host of other activities on offer to keep students entertained throughout the day.

It was also great to see so many students decked out in their House colours to help lift the spirit of the day. Thanks to Miss Tink, Mr Hedt and all their helpers for their efforts in setting up and preparing for the event. House Captains assembled at the pool at 7. It was also fantastic to see so many parents, family and friends in attendance to support their children and help make the day such a success. Some of the photos taken by Miss King throughout the day have been attached below:.

The first School Council meeting for the year took place last Tuesday. This was the last meeting of the current council and a of positions are now available to be filled prior to the next meeting on Tuesday 10th March. A notice of election has been posted in the office today. Fact sheets and self-nomination forms are also now available for each of the parent, student and DET employee. These forms can be obtained from the office or by downloading them from the link below.

School council terms are for 2 years, and there are 4 parent member vacancies to be filled prior to our next meeting. We also have 2 student member vacancies and 2 DET employee member vacancies to be filled at this time. The names of our school council members appear at the top of the newsletter - I am sure they would be happy to answer any questions you might have about what is involved - or feel free to contact the school if you have any questions about school council.

The window for nominations for all three will close at 4.

Free chat room Nhill

Primary staff will be available to talk to after the Information session. As was communicated extensively towards the end of last year, a new Mobile Phone Policy will be in operation from the commencement of the school year. This policy reflects the new directive from the Minister of Education in regards to student use of and access to mobile phones in all government schools. While this will create major change for some schools, there will not be a ificant departure from our policy, although there are certainly one or two key differences. A copy of our new mobile phone policy has been attached to this newsletter and is also available on our website, but the key features that students and parents need to be made aware of are as follows:.

Discussions have already been held with students regarding these changes to the Mobile Phones Policy in an effort to prepare them for the new conditions.

Free chat room Nhill

Parents can help to support the school in the implementation of this new policy by encouraging their child to leave their phone at home. If it is necessary for children to have access to their phone after school, please reinforce that the phone is for after school use only, and that the new rules are to apply during the school day. Congratulations to all these students who have taken on such a valued leadership role within the school. We look forward to working with you all this year. Just a reminder that the primary assembly commences on a Monday afternoon at 2.

All family members are welcome to attend each week. On this coming Monday, the 17th Feb, the Primary SRC representatives will be announced and students will be presented with their college badges. The Year 3- 6 students will also be presented with their Stephanie Alexander Knife Licences - where students have been able to demonstarte the right techniques of how to use a knife correctly and safely. Captains Corey Shurdington and Lara Purchase. Captains Riley White and Ashlie Cannell.

Captains Bronti Effrett and Charlotte Donnell. Congratulations to all students who were nominated. Attendance is an important aspect of schooling at Nhill College. If you are not attending school it makes it difficult to learn. Class attendance will be celebrated each week, with classes being recognised for the best attendance in both primary and secondary classes. These classes will be going into the draw for a chance to win pizza for lunch at the end of the term.

Students tried a variety of different flowers, nuts and seeds during this experience.

Free chat room Nhill

We would like to thank Uncle Ron for taking the time to explore a variety of concepts with students across the secondary section. Welcome back to a new school year! The first scholastic book club brochure was handed out this week and is due back on Monday, Feb. Orders can be processed on line through the loop or money and order sent to the office. Our first Bookfair is being held in March, 13th - 20th.

More information on that in the coming weeks. These vaccines provide protection against:. At assembly this week, it was announced the secondary school production this year will be "Annie Get Your Gun" revival version. Productions are a great fun, and a fantastic way to get to know people from other year levels. Auditions have started, and will continue into next week, but there is still time for students to up!

Information packs, including dates, character profiles, and audition scripts, are available at the front office, as are audition booking forms. Our Year 11 students will be participating in Work Experience during the first week of Term 3 this year, which is from the 13th to 17th July. All our Year 11 students are required to participate in work experience.

Free chat room Nhill

It is a fantastic opportunity for students to get an insight into possible career interests for the future. Even if students are very unsure of where their interests lie, work experience allows them to experience how different the world of work is compared to school. Whilst this trip is not compulsory, we do highly recommend it. Students develop a great deal of independence, confidence and communication skills throughout this week. They learn to navigate around Melbourne, experience large organisations and enjoy the diverse culture of Melbourne.

Students on the Melbourne Trip will depart Nhill early Sunday morning, on the 12th July, and return home on Friday 17th July at approximately 11pm. A letter has been posted on Compass, and has gone home to those students who expressed an interest. This deposit is a commitment to the trip, with the expectation that students attending will have a placement organised by this date.

Free chat room Nhill

If you have any questions regarding Year 11 Work Experience please contact me at school to discuss. Our Year 10 students are advised that their Work Experience week is scheduled for the final week of Term 3, from the 14th to 18th September. All Year 10s are required to participate in this program. I will be speaking with all students about this in coming weeks, but encourage any students with questions or ideas to come and see me at school to chat about it. There are some very exciting opportunities coming up in the next few months for Work Experience activities for students.

Free chat room Nhill

It is a Department of Education requirement that each enrolled student who has an action plan updates this each year. Please see below the forms required, those students who currently have an action plan in place will be sent out a form to be completed by your Doctor or specialist. If your child has recently been diagnosed with an Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Allergy or new medical condition please advise the general office.

The College is looking for donations of any old smartphones, tablets or iP which are still in working condition, as we need these devices to help run our new robotics gadgets. We do not require SIM cards as the devices use Bluetooth to communicate. Please send any smartphones or tablets to the front office if you are able to donate, including chargers if you have them. Nhill College has ed on with Edunet to help give more variety and cost effectiveness to our BYOD program, including delivery and finance. By using Edunet, families can have their BYODs delivered directly to the school and arrange accessories, finance and insurance if required.

However, before paying extra for insurance we strongly recommend checking if your own home and contents insurance may already have you covered. The Edunet portal can also be used to log warranty jobs or an insurance claim if if purchased. Brochures for Bi-Rite and Edunet will continue to appear on our website and on Compass.

Students can also access Compass as required, as well as other online programs when directed by staff. When students receive their new device, they will need to set it up as per the BYOD instructions found on Compass and on our website. College staff are not involved in the initial setup, but they will help students troubleshoot their device if they run into issues.

Please view the attached PDF for full instructions and device specifications for the portal. If you are reading this, you obviously have access to the school newsletter. However, some families have asked how grandparents or community members can stay in touch with the school when they don't have access to Compass. The answer is that anyone can access the school's newsletter through the College website: www.

Free chat room Nhill

email: [email protected] - phone:(593) 537-6742 x 6673

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