Giving you exactly what you want

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Giving you exactly what you want

Read full profile. He was in his mids. A lot of people live their lives having no clue what they want. And you should start right now! Thousands, if not millions, of people wander the earth every day without a quest. You have to put yourself first.

Giving you exactly what you want

Live in the present…and the future! Sit down and think about what you need the most. Is it your family? The freedom to express yourself? Financial security? Something else? So taking this Life Assessment can defintely help. Then, you can make a list of priorities. Also think about the kind of legacy you want to leave behind. Figure out what upsets you, and be specific about it. Pinpoint exactly why you hate it. Could it be your micromanaging boss?

Your workload? Your meaningless job title? Or all of the above? What bothers you, and how can you fix it? How much do you want to fix it? Your happiness is the root of your desires. So take a few moments and really think about what makes you happy. Is it traveling? Being around children?

Giving you exactly what you want

Owning a successful business? Your ificant other? Financial freedom? In order to live a happy and fulfilling life, sometimes all you need is a solid framework that can inspire you to make a change. The Full Life Framework, as outlined in The Full Life Essential Guideis the kind of framework that faciliates you to step out of your comfort zone and get unstuck from where you are, so you can take control of your life again. Get a copy of the book and learn more about the Full Life Framework!

Giving you exactly what you want

Voice it all out! Sometimes mother does know best! Take control. Instead of freaking out, try your best to roll with the changes. You will get there someday. Sometimes a positive attitude is all you need to keep going. Amanpreet Singh is a soulful blogger by passion and a mindful businessman by profession. Did you ever feel like quitting your unfulfilling job or changing your unfulfilling career? But as you grow older, the zeal seems to fade away. That drop-down in intensity level sets a foundation for a compromise.

You blame people and situations as per your convenience. The real Col. One big reason you are compromising today is your repulsion to challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone. The clock is ticking and you need to flow with time. That is how you welcome the new. It is one of the major steps in breaking the monotony of an unsatisfactory job.

Not sure about stepping out of your comfort zone still? Your memories from the current job are dominant over your memories you want to create. Come on! You are stronger than you think. You need to detach yourself from those sweet-sour memories.

Giving you exactly what you want

Only then, you could take a big leap towards self-realization. The problem is everyone has access to the locker of your right-wrong beliefs, but not you. You listen to everyone and lose your conscious decision. Only you have the answers to your uncertainties.

Stop seeking answers from others. Ask yourself receptively. The pursuit of your dream career is full of struggles and failures. And unless you are ready to fail many times, you are ineligible to succeed.

Giving you exactly what you want

Only if you settle with your current job which is unsatisfying will you be a real failure. The excitement to fail on the other side is unmatched. Worth a shot! If there were no cameras, every soul would tell an interesting story. Cut the chord with your social environment which is not only polluting your personal but also your professional environment: Managing Your Social Network Addiction. Intelligent people are particularly prone to the overthinking that can cause analysis paralysis and lead to a failure to make decisions or take action.

Yes, you are intelligent but you need to be smarter! Never allow your intelligence to become a hindrance in quitting your unfulfilling job. Thinking and planning are important aspects of a visionary, but never allow overthinking to take a toll on the execution. Take small steps rather than thinking about giant leaps. Divide your goal into small targets; make sure you achieve them. A post shared by Lifehack for Goal Diggers lifehackorg. If you are fortunate enough to live with your family, you owe responsibilities towards them.

After all, they are your father, mother, siblings, life-partner. And a few applauds from them in your small wins keep you up and running. When you get an answer, trust it and go with the flow. The choice is difficult! But if your job is not reviving and is killing your happiness, what are you waiting for?

Learn this art to quit your unfulfilling job! Not only with others but use it often with yourself. Any denial or a small sacrifice for your own good is a gateway to self-love. It boosts your self-esteem to disallow the negative influences to entice you.

You find reasons to listen to yourself. You encounter many moments in your daily life when there is no one around. What do you do in that alone time? Either you retreat to the past or you drive to the future. This ignorance is making you incomplete. Neither you are self-aware nor there is a clarity in your thought process. The secret is when you spend alone time with yourself, your dream becomes your mission, and the inro make way for beautiful ro. And your questions have answers. There are many people who might replace you in your unfulfilling job.

But make sure no one replaces you in the work you do the best. Confidence is imperative but if there is no transparency in your thought process, only confidence is a big disaster. You need to be brutally honest to yourself. They are curious about your next move. But what do they seek from you?

They silently urge you to take one brave move to open the floodgate. Only you can break the shackles of their boring monotony. Because when you execute, they feel happy and liberated like you. Your current job is unsatisfactory.

It cannot get worse. You even know your exploration begins only when you quit your current job. What else can motivate? You have a dream career in mind. But to follow it, you are not resilient to do what it takes to reach there. Look: Advertising. Only your passionate will is powerful enough to withstand the test of time. Let that fire burn inside you until your dream coincides with reality. When you list down how quitting your unfulfilling job is a boon, trusting your decision becomes easier.

Any apprehensions at any point flush out when you recall those jotted positives of leading a dream career. There is no thumb rule or a particular mantra for success. Is it your financial stability or an emotional dependency you are losing on? Whatever it is, imagining the worst-case scenario enables you to loosen up. It provokes a nothing-to-lose attitude where there is no fear of anyone and anything.

You move forward wholeheartedly with authority and devotion.

Giving you exactly what you want

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