It all starts with date

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According to the age-old practice of astrology, we are all influenced by the effect of Mercury in retrograde. What exactly does it mean for each of us, though? Read on to find out. Three times a year, the planet Mercury appears to travel backward across the sky. Think undelivered love letters, blunders, and frazzled travel plans!

It all starts with date

Coincidences can be extraordinary. The astronomical explanation for retrograde motion starts with understanding that the planets in our solar system orbit the Sun at different distances and speeds. While we orbit the Sun ourselves, we can observe the other planets moving across our sky, following their own paths. Sometimes, it can appear from our perspective that a planet has abruptly switched directions and has started to move in reverse across the sky. InMercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the folowing ranges of dates:.

It all starts with date

The planet Mercury rules communication in all forms—listening, writing, reading, speaking, and so on—as well as activities closely related to communication, like negotiations and contracts. It also rules travel, automobiles, shipping, and mail. Double check your responses and check in with reservations before you take that trip. Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions. Some blame Mercury retrograde for all chaos that happens in their lives. However, this is a good time to sit back and review what you put your energy toward.

For example, if family and faith are important to you, are you putting enough of your energy into them or have you become overextended in other areas such as your career or a hobby? Losing the balance between different parts of your life can cause all of them to suffer, so being aware of the connections between them—especially during Mercury retrograde—can help you to maintain or at least better understand how that balance works.

It all starts with date

Take a moment to reflect. Mercury retrograde can be an excellent time to take a step back and reanalyze who you are and what you are doing—but do refrain from making any drastic changes until after retrograde has ended. The type of influence you feel also depends on which of the 12 zodiac s Earth is in when Mercury goes retrograde. Learn more about zodiac profiles in general and check out our monthly horoscopes. Make sure that your gardening does not go awry when Mercury is in retrograde by reading your zodiac profile for gardening. I don't buy any of the Mercury Retrograde stuff, but the picture of Mercury on this blog is absolutely beautiful!!

With the exception of Earth, which sustains life for us all, I believe Mercury to be the most beautiful of planets! I don't believe I'm asking too much. Why folks got to be so superfluous and show off but skip over basic information? I had one last nerve and it getting on it.

Just keep simple please. If you plan to close on a home, during a retrograde, you must cross your tee's and dot your i's.

It all starts with date

That means have the home inspected by someone that has no dog in the fight, and that doesn't know the realtor. Have it inspected the day of the closing, to make sure everything has been done, that the seller said would be done. If it is not done, postpone the ing date, or have the seller subtract the amount from the sale of the home and give you the monies as a check, or cash? Also, don't waive anything that should be done before you buy, just to save the money.

So make sure you get the survey of the property, before you buy. Hi, we are trying to buy a house 15 hours away. We have not yet ed the contracts. What do we need to do during Mercury Retrograde to protect ourselves and perhaps our biggest investment? Is it OK to start a new job under mercury retrograde? All the paperwork is being completed in normal time - what precautions should I heed if I do start a new job under mercury retrograde.

First of all, congratulations on your new job! As to starting a job when Mercury is retrograde, astrologers vary in their advice. According to some astrologers, when Mercury is retrograde, things might be a little more fluid as to changes, delays, etc. If one allows for these possible surprises or setbacks normally there are a few anyway when learning a new jobfocuses on the needs of supervisors and listens to coworkers, and does the best one can to learn—and enjoy!

Remember that the times when Mercury is retrograde are temporary—many jobs last much longer than these off times. A little extra patience and positivity, as well as a focus on clear communication—plus some fun during off hours to de-stress!

It all starts with date

Good luck, and we wish you all the best! Let's see. The car battery died. The muffler needed to be replaced immediately after. They had problems getting parts. No car for four days. A tooth finally bit the dust and will have to be pulled.

Communication misunderstandings. Delays with shipping. Data not being updated in a timely manner. The Creator who made the Planets surely put them all in motion, for reasons perhaps sometimes beyond our understanding. We're living in the space age and I hope others can detach and look at this scientifically. I find Retrograde is the best time to record albums with my band, to sell concert t-shirts and tickets; also to rehearse, to Read intensely even Scripture or Classic Greek and Roman Literatureto re-paint, to renew one's own personal spirituality, to communicate with old friends.

Honestly since I've known about it, i DO feel a little different when I know we're in a "Retro" phase. I just look forward to it so much 'cause I think it's some kind of special gift from the Creator. I would caution, though, be careful going on space flights at these times and double-check your geometry. During a mercury retrograde of last year, we had a hot plate set on a clock. It turned on at an unexpected time and there was a wool blanket inside. I had to call the fire department and they extinguished the fire. During the first retrograde this year, I was rejected by someone I spoke to for the first time on Christmas day.

This time I already knew of the term, so I looked up on the internet to discover I was in it. Now here it is again During this one, I noticed something now about the 20th. Without being a ware that it was a Mercury retrograde, I forgot that a phone call I got on Jan 31st had happened and I didn't remember to return it until Feb 20!

It was from a person from long ago who I hadn't seen for 29 years! We have an offer pending that we will have to during Mercury Retrograde. My husband is Pisces and I am Capricorn. Is this a good idea or not? I learned of this from my daughter a while back, as she is a Yogi and is into astrology. I heard my roommates, both men, talking about how tired and fatigued they have been lately. Complaints of fatigue, forgetful, feelings of heaviness, brain fog, and more. This was powerful for me! Not only were my suspicions affirmed, but on a reputable site!

It all starts with date

Now that I know, I can adjust and plan accordingly! I've been a Holistic Practitioner for more than twenty-five years and have a many years ago background as an astrologer. With natal retrogrades, usually Merc R doesn't hit me, yet this time around WTH is happening?!! All I can think of are the multiple Merc retrogrades this year!! Really happy to say that your article is very useful to me.

It all starts with date

I am fond of astrology and often read my horoscope. Any astrologer knows that in the retrograde period of the movement of Mercury, it makes no sense to start new business and projects, organize deals, meet people and move somewhere. Me and my supervisor was very kool and etc and she let me go.

Im hurt behind this. Endless nightmare this one. Super hard communication in retail, lots of asshole energy. Luckily only two days left I am a Virgo and I temporarily lost my job exactly on the 17when the retrograde has just started The turntable in my micro still turns around and around when I open the door!

It all starts with date

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