Just sex hit me up

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Mood lighting? Scented candles? Clothes ready to be ripped off? Double check. A playlist featuring the best sex songs?

Just sex hit me up

When you're about to get it on, nothing can kill the vibe faster than the wrong song coming up on your Spotify or Apple Music. That's why a solid sex playlist is the real MVP of your bedroom game. Of course, not every song you put on a sex playlist actually needs to be about sex. But, conveniently enough, they usually are.

What's really important is the way the song's rhythm, sultry vocals, and overall vibe makes you feel—all. This song deserves the top spot on every sex playlist. It's the ultimate bop about wanting to get boo'd up and make things official, and it's got the sexiest beat. This "oldie, but a goodie" excels at making you want to make sweet love surrounded by candles and an obscene amount of pillows.

And if it doesn't, it should. Yes, it's direct, but that doesn't mean the song is lacking in romance. Throughout the track, Daniel calls his loved one his everything—play it when you're with yours. Every bedroom can benefit from a little Sabrina Claudio. Her soulful voice will practically turn the lights down on its own while you slip under the sheets. On the off chance this song isn't already on your sex playlist, allow me to introduce you to Frank Ocean and his dreamy falsetto. He provides the perfect background music for every sex sesh, from the pick-me-up-and-take-me-to-the-bedroom type to the let's-slowly-undress-each-other kind.

Since including every single song from this album might be overkill, here's one track that'll do the trick every time. SZA's storytelling on "Love Galore" somehow nails the balance between upping the romance and getting down and dirty. And then there's that baseline With lyrics like "Can't wait to taste your skin" and "You know that I adore you," Miguel's "Adorn" is a sexy anthem about appreciating every part of your partner Not that you need an explanation for wanting to consensually rip someone's clothes off, but Rihanna's here to give you one anyway—must be love on the brain.

While a bunch of Kali's songs cater to lovemaking—thanks to her suuuper soothing voice and slow beats—this one is ideal for those moments when you're suddenly longing for your bae and you just wanna start making love to them. On this hip-thrusting track, Ciara offers instructions: "You can keep your hands on me, touch me right there, rock my body. Hit play and let The Weeknd's seductive voice get things started every night.

Hot tip: Try the Kygo remix for a faster tempo. If country is more your vibe, Thomas Rhett's "Die A Happy Man" will take you from slow dancing to slow sexing before the track is over, guaranteed. Every once in a while there comes along a song so sweet, yet so sensual, that you need to play it on repeat before you can move on to another.

I don't make the rules—that's just what happens when John sings about the thrill of not giving a damn who sees you and your lover going at it in public. After all these years, it still holds up.

Just sex hit me up

Would any sex playlist be complete without some inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey? Probs not. This song gets into your veins and injects an immediate shot to your libido—anytime, anywhere. Oh, this seasoned gem? Marvin is ALL about singing you into the mood, so let him. Did you guys get in an argument? Here's the perfect song for makeup sex. It'll remind you both that you don't wanna be all by your lonesome and that, TBH, you guys love each other no matter what.

Plus, Bad Bunny's voice is just hot AF. Add this track twice, if only to make sure your partner knows exactly how good they've got it by being with you. Ari's sultry croon is perfect for when things are just starting, and then the song builds to a funky beat that's sure to encourage stamina. Simply put: "God Is A Woman" covers all the bases.

Just sex hit me up

This steamy from Rihanna is about completely giving yourself to someone else. Get your bodies moving in sync to this funky tune that's got a ton of soul. It will become your soundtrack anytime you're going at it with wild abandon. Take your time and settle in for some sensuous, slow sex with Trey Songz. Simultaneously gritty and romantic, this song will turn up the heat on an already sweaty session between the sheets.

Bonus points if you dance to this song before and during getting it on. If you need tips, just watch RIRI move to it. She was so good, they had to make two music videos. For those rushed-but-satisfying encounters, Miguel's got you covered. Teyana's passionate moans are nothing short of inspirational. Because being the center of attention can feel so good, blast this whenever you want your partner to "focus" on pleasing you so, like, every time?

If there's one thing to know about this dynamic duo, it's that they're capable of producing a hype song that'll boost your confidence before sex and power you back up when you feel the stamina leaving you. Demi's not one to beat around the bush. Totally absent of innuendo, this song is about stating exactly what you want—and fast.

Just sex hit me up

Go ahead and add it to your sex playlist, ASAP. With it's slow beat and Harry's melodic AF voice, "She" is sure to be a hit while you're getting it on in the bedroom. Wanna add more Harry Styles to your playlist? Try his song "Woman," too.

Just sex hit me up

Honestly, Chloe x Halle's entire album Ungodly Hour could make for between-the-sheets bangers, but their song "Forgive Me" has the best beat for keeping, um, rhythm in bed. Plus, their heavenly voices will put you in some kind of mood. Her words along with the suuuper sexy beat make this perf for your sex playlist. Sure, this song is all over TikTok, but it's also ideal for getting it on with your intimate partner, too. We all know that Drake's hot voice can really put you in the mood, but his song "Fire and Desire" does so especially. They want to rip each other's clothes off on a sandy, romantic beach.

Now it's time for you to put those lyrics into practice. Two, Mac Miller really knew how to write about making love, so you def need him on your sex playlist. More of an oldies or rock n' roll kind of person? Might I recommend this absolute classic about an unfaithful lover and stressful relationship, depicted through Robert Plant's absolutely insane and sexy vocals. Jarobi's slow, rhythmic verses and the catchy, sexual beat on this song make it perfect for your sex playlist. Hearing "Is this enough love that I give to you?

Paak's voice is just so darn soothing. Plus, paired with the ever-romancing J. Need I say more? You've got to listen IRL. The slow, romantic beat and the lyrics about making love and redemption are an absolute must-add to your playlist. This song just gets straight to the point: "Just chain my hands down make love to my body baby. I swear, this song was literally written for the purpose of getting it on. Maybe the words within this song aren't necessarily sex-related, but this sweet, soft ballad is definitely ideal for setting the mood during a romantic or intimate moment.

Just sex hit me up

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Just sex hit me up

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Just sex hit me up

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