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Jump to. Back in I saw the first Sex in the City film I thought it actually had its moments. He even invited me back on the show to chat about his thoughts on the film. I hope that Fr. A popular cable show that was edited for network television, a box office smash in its first cinema incarnation, Sex in the City 2 on the big screen is a wash. He should have left it there, drifting off in a sand storm or placed the digital hard drive on the back of a camel heading deep into the dunes. The film takes forever to update us on the ladies who are all at a turning point in their lives.

But wait! They are actually still growing up! Big just wants to come home, have dinner, and watch TV; she still wants to party. Samantha Kim Cattrall is deep into fighting off middle age at 52 with the help of hormones derived from Hummus and sweet potatoes; Charlotte Kristen Davis is afraid her husband is falling for the gorgeous Irish nanny who cares for her two little girls; Miranda Cynthia Nixon the lawyer is frustrated with her job and quits to spend time with her husband and son and find something more meaningful to do.

When Samantha snags an invitation to a mega luxury resort in Abu Dhabi for the four of them, off they go. It becomes boring and the conclusion is flimsy because Carrie and Big are still focused on their own comfort.

Just wanna have sexxx fun

He gets her to finally wear a wedding ring, a really big and expensive black diamond, so she will remember their marriage vows, which they never really exchanged because of what, happened in Sex in the City 1. What made me most uncomfortable in Sex in the City 2 is the way it mocks Islamic life. Although Charlotte continually wants the girls to cover their bare limbs out of respect, you can imagine how well this works.

The film is soft porn; the couple of explicit scenes between Samantha and available males, are vulgar.

Just wanna have sexxx fun

But what does he care? To be fair, housewives, professional women, indeed everyone, can get burnout or become insecure in relationships; we all question our life choices at one moment or another. It is sometimes good to get away, to take a break. The recurring conversation about fidelity is always a good one to have the two gay men joke that they only have to be faithful in the states that recognize their marriage.

But Sex in the City 2 is a farce and viewers know it. True, she and Samantha offer a toast to moms who do not have nannies; so sweet of them. Carrie runs into Aiden John Corbetta former boy friend, at the souk market. They have dinner and share a kiss. She feels terribly guilty.

Just wanna have sexxx fun

She calls Big and confesses, which is how the filmmaker was able to actually bring the film to a conclusion. Sex in the City 2 is overdone, overwrought, and much ado about very little; even fashion takes a hit. Sex in the City 2 is what a completely secular life looks like as produced by the Hollywood fantasy machine.

Charlotte and Miranda are moving ahead, Carrie is stuck in a vacuum, and Samantha, well, she and Peter Pan have a lot in common. The joke is getting really old. Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor. Learn more here. now. Blog NCR Today. Sex in the City 2: Girls just wanna have fun Jun 3, the Conversation Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor. address. Sex in the City 2: Girls just wanna have fun. Appeals court backs Biden administration on some migrant expulsions Oct 1, Spanish bishops condemn tightening of rules on abortion, euthanasia Oct 1, Pope to begin synodal process with Mass in St.

Peter's Basilica Oct 1, October is month to focus on living as missionaries every day, pope says Oct 1, Archbishop asks Catholics to fast, pray for Pelosi over abortion issue Oct 1, Quick Re Berlin archbishop to name minister for gays, calls sidelining 'painful' Aug 10, Las Cruces lawmaker says politics led to denial of Communion Jul 20, Abuse allegation against retired Buffalo auxiliary under investigation Jul 14, Pope Francis goes to Rome hospital for intestinal surgery Jul 4, Vatican probes alleged abuse negligence by Polish cardinal Jun 26, Morning Briefing, International Mar 31, Morning Briefing Sep 3, Cutting off their noses May 15, Morning Briefing Mar 11,

Just wanna have sexxx fun Just wanna have sexxx fun

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