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The Program for the Study of Women and Gender examines gender, race, class and sexuality as important and simultaneous aspects of social worlds and human lives. Students examine the construction and operation of power relations, social inequalities and resistances to them in national, transnational, cultural, historical and political contexts.

As an interdisciplinary endeavor, the program looks at how different academic disciplines view the operation of gender in the labor market, the family, political systems and cultural production. The study of women and gender is ed to an understanding of the forms of activism around the globe. View the discussion here. Read the lastest SWG newsletter here.

Be sure to check out the SWG Facebook. Not every course that is cross-listed in the program or taught by SWG faculty will address all of these goals for the major in the Study of Women and Gender, but we expect that every graduating senior will have engaged these concepts and ways of thinking more than once during the course of the major. The goals of the major are to:. All members of the Program Committee for the Study of Women and Gender serve as advisers for the major and minor.

The major requires the completion of 10 semester courses, including at least two level seminars, totaling 40 credit hours. These courses shall comprise SWG prefix courses and department-based courses chosen from a list of possibilities compiled yearly by the Program for the Study of Women and Gender. These courses must include:. One course with a queer studies focus 3. One course with a race and ethnicity studies focus 4. One course with a transnational, postcolonial or diasporic studies focus 5.

Ladies seeking sex Falling Spring

Four courses with the SWG prefix, including and one level seminar 6. Two level courses total A single course can be used to fill more than one of these requirements. Transfer students are expected to complete at least half of their major or five courses at Smith or with approved Five College courses. Students with double majors may count a maximum of three courses toward both majors.

In the senior year, a student will complete a statement reflecting on the connections among the courses in their major. The senior statement and SWG advising checklist are due to the faculty adviser by the Friday prior to spring break. The minor requires the completion of six semester courses, totaling 24 credit hours from SWG-prefix courses or cross-listed courses. These courses must include: 1. One course with a transnational, postcolonial or diasporic studies focus A single course can be used to fill more than one of these requirements.

Minors are strongly encouraged to elect at least one course at the level. A student may honor in SWG by completing an 8-credit, two-semester thesis in addition to the 10 courses in the major and fulfilling all the general requirements. Eligibility of students for honors work, and supervision and evaluation of the thesis, are determined by the Program Committee for the Study of Women and Gender.

Eligibility requirements for honors work, and supervision and evaluation of the thesis are determined by the Program Committee for the Study of Women and Gender. Credits: 4 Members of the department Normally offered each academic year.

Ladies seeking sex Falling Spring

Admission by permission of the instructor and director of the program. No more than 4 special studies credits may be taken in any academic year and no more than 8 special studies credits total may be applied toward the major. Credits: Members of the department Normally offered each academic year.

Ladies seeking sex Falling Spring

For more information, see the Smith College Course Search. SWG Introduction to the Study of Women and Gender An introduction to the interdisciplinary field of the study of women and gender through a critical examination of feminist histories, issues and practices. Focus on the U. Primarily for first- and second-year students. Enrollment limited to Students will learn what the Culture Wars, Welfare Reform, and the conservative attacks against the National Endowment for the Arts have to do with one another.

In order to grasp the charged feeling, the urgency, the upheaval of this era we will read foundational queer theoretical texts and analyze a selection of films from the movement known as New Queer Cinema. Prerequisite: SWG SWG Gender, Law and Policy This course explores the impact of gender on law and policy in the United States historically and today, focusing in the areas of constitutional equality, employment, education, reproduction, the family, violence against women, and immigration. We study constitutional and statutory law as well as public policy.

We will study feminist efforts to reform the law and examine how inequalities based on gender, race, class and sexuality shape the law. We also discuss and debate contemporary policy and future directions. We will consider varied articulations of both feminism and queerness and ways the relationship between them has been narrated and debated.

What might it mean to understand queerness through a feminist lens? How might we understand the place of the figure of the lesbian in imagining queer feminism? What sorts of ethical questions might queer feminist perspectives center? Concepts explored include: the centrality of race to concepts of gender and sexuality, relationships among feminist, queer, and trans studies, and sexual ethics. SWG White Supremacy in the Age of Trump This course will analyze the history, prevalence, and current manifestations of the white supremacist movement by examining ideological components, tactics and strategies, and its relationship to mainstream politics.

We will also research and discuss the relationship between white supremacy and white privilege and explore how to build a human rights movement to counter the white supremacist movement in the U. Students will develop analytical writing and research skills while engaging in multiple cultural perspectives. The overall goal is to develop the capacity to understand the range of possible responses to white supremacy, both its legal and extralegal forms. This course is deed to introduce students to key concepts, debates and provocations that animate the world of community, labor, and electoral organizing for social change.

A central aspect of this course is practicing community-based learning and research methods in dialogue with community-based activist partners. SWG Feminist Public Writing: Calderwood Seminar This interdisciplinary course will teach students how to translate feminist scholarship for a popular audience. Students will practice how to use knowledge and concepts they have learned in their women and gender studies classes to write publicly in a range of formats, including book and film reviews, interviews, opinion editorials, and feature articles.

Ladies seeking sex Falling Spring

Instructor permission required. Heiliger, Christen Mucher. Martha Ackelsberg William R. Kenan Jr. Paula Giddings Elizabeth A. Woodson Professor Emerita of Africana Studies. Marilyn Schuster Andrew W. All students should work with their academic adviser to define their academic goals for study abroad before meeting with the SWG study abroad adviser.

Minimum eligibility for study abroad: 3. See the Office for International Study for Smith-approved programs. Contact Carrie Baker. Eligibility: Any student may apply for SWG research grants. Funds will be distributed from the Quigley Endowment. Please consult the SWG Director for details. Quigley research fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to SWG majors in their junior year to enable majors to work one-on-one with SWG faculty.

Majors will learn valuable research tools that will prepare them for advanced work in seminars or to propose honors theses.

Ladies seeking sex Falling Spring

The fellowships are available only during the academic year, but may be either for a semester or for two semesters. For example, a fellowship might require a commitment of 10 hours of work per week for a semester, or five hours a week for the academic year.

Faculty proposals will identify their preferred timeframe. In early spring of their sophomore years, majors can apply for one or more of these fellowship opportunities, and rank their choices. Majors in the class of and may compete for a limited of Quigley Research Fellowships for — These paid research fellowships enable qualified juniors and seniors to work one-on-one with a faculty member in the Program for the Study of Women and Gender on a research or curricular project.

Joyce Follet. This Quigley Fellow will provide research and technical assistance to production of a web site entitled Roots of Reproductive Justice. The site consists of stories and archival evidence of the histories of Indigenous women, queer, low-income and women of color organizing for sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice over years in the US. Ginetta E. Students applying should be interested in the publishing process as well as the journal content and have sufficient technical skills to perform the required tasks.

In order to be considered for this position, a cover letter,and contact information for two faculty references must accompany the application form. Elisabeth Armstrong. Feminist Public Writing Full year, 5 hours per week Prof. Carrie Baker. This position will involve assistance in writing articles for Ms. Magazine and other media outlets on a range of current issues, including reproductive justice, sexual harassment and assault, and sex discrimination in employment and education.

Responsibilities will include research, transcription of interviews, editing and social media promotion. This position provides opportunities to co-write articles for publication. Mehammed Mack. Seeking a student assistantto transcribe recorded ethnographic interviews in French.

Ladies seeking sex Falling Spring

You must have an advanced level of french getting to the course level at Smith. To apply, submit a description of your interests, prior course work and research skills that qualify you for the fellowship of your choice on the application form below if applying for more than one project, a separate form must be submitted for each. Quigley forms must be ed to Lorraine Hedger by Friday, April 9, First priority will be given to SWG majors in the class of and The association holds an annual conference each year in November, bringing together teachers, students and activists to share ideas and build the field.

Check their calendar for upcoming events in the Pioneer Valley. Five College Certificate in Queer and Sexuality Studies This certificate provides undergraduate students an opportunity to pursue a course of study that critically examines the relationship between sexual and gender identities, experiences, cultures and communities in a wide range of historical and political contexts. Five College Certificate in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice This certificate program is dedicated to furthering scholarship, education and research on reproductive health, rights and justice.

Center for Women and Community at UMass The center provides sexual assault prevention and support services that are trauma informed, survivor-centered, and open to anyone impacted by personal violence. Arizona State UniversityPh. Indiana University, BloomingtonPh. Ohio State UniversityPh. Oregon State UniversityPh. Texas Woman's UniversityPh.

University of BuffaloPh. D in global gender studies.

Ladies seeking sex Falling Spring

University of California, Los AngelesPh. University of California, Santa BarbaraPh. University of California, Santa CruzPh. University of Kansas, LawrencePh. University of Kentucky, LexingtonPh. University of Iowa, Iowa CityPh. University of Maryland, College ParkPh. University of Michigant Ph. University of Washington, SeattlePh. Central European University, BudapestM. Josai International UniversityPh. Manchester UniversityM.

Ladies seeking sex Falling Spring

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