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The story of NovaGenix, the South Florida Anti-Aging medical clinic begins on the jiu-jitsu mats close to a decade ago. He reached out to me online through a Martial arts website forum, as he had just moved to the south Florida area and was looking for a BJJ school to train at. I recommended he come into the Academy and try out a class.

He began training at RMBJJ where we became friends, and this is where the story starts to get interesting. As this was a complete surprise for me, it took a little while for me to digest his news before I understood exactly what he was talking about. When the initial shock eventually wore off, he explained the business model and how he was actually helping these men improve the quality of their lives. Fast forward a few years to … where the two of us were talking and having a discussion about work and he told me that he was not really happy with the direction that his clinics were heading.

As an employee, he had little say in the direction the clinic was moving and he felt that they were dropping the ball in terms of the quality of patient care that they could be provided as well as the types of services they were offering. He felt as if his hands were tied and there was little he could do to improve the operations as a non-owner. He said that they could be doing not only a better job in offering not just more services, but more for the patients as well. He told me that there was a high turnover rate for staff and he decided he needed to leave because among other reasons he felt he could open up his own clinic and do a better job in creating a facility that would set the standards for all of their antiaging clinics in the area and be something that he could be proud of.

It was then that he approached me about his idea to open a medical clinic in Jupiter, Florida together. With my experience in healthcare, both the clinical side and business side, he felt we could establish a facility that focuses on the patient services and care that people want and need. I looked into the business model and the idea of what NovaGenix could become and the two of us sat down and mapped out what we felt would be the best possible clinic for the area and decided to go for it. We opened NovaGenix in late and have taken off like a rocket.

As fate would have it once again, one of our good friend and a fellow martial artist had given me a call and asked if we were still looking for a doctor. I told him that we had one, however, I was always interested in listening to other people, you never know where, when or how opportunity may present itself. We were intrigued as he told us the man was highly experienced so we agreed to meet him.

We set up a time and day and sat down with Dr. Timothy Sigman to hear his story and see if there was a possible opportunity to work together. We met a man who was charismatic and outgoing. He was one of those guys that you felt as if you had known for a long time. We talked for a while and he had told us his story and his experience with testosterone replacement therapy, weight loss in a medically supervised setting and a few other specialties that he was trained in, which included platelet-rich plasma therapy and stem cell treatments.

As we were certainly drawn to his demeanor and overall personality, what impressed us most was his vast knowledge of medicine and his expertise involved in treating patients with hormone imbalances. After a very short deliberation, we decided that he would make the perfect addition to our team as our medical director.

Lady wants sex FL Oakland park 33306

He brought his wife to the office that was under construction at the time, to show her the vision and was able to get her blessing to start working with us. We began treating patients in December of for hormone deficiency, Weight loss, erectile dysfunction treatment and PRP, which stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy and stem cell treatment.

This has led to an incredible influx of patient referrals, and positive online reviews from patients who appreciate what we provide them in terms of service and care. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you? Very few success stories can be told without some type of struggles along the way.

For us, one of the many hurdles that we had to overcome was the competitive landscape in which we operate. The market is constantly growing, changing and new clinics like ours seem to pop up daily. There are literally dozens of clinics like ours in the immediate area. We have competitors with tremendous marketing budgets, that play advertising on radio stations seemingly endlessly through the day.

You can hardly drive down the block without seeing another clinic that offers some of our services. We know who some of these people are fortunately because of caller ID and a few very useful iPhone apps! Tell us more about the business. At NovaGenix we specialize in anti-aging and preventative health.

By helping people maintain healthy body weight, through our medically supervised weight loss programs and thyroid treatments, we can help prevent many of the chronic health conditions associated with being overweight. We also have one the most experienced physicians and experts in the field of hormone replacement therapy. Low testosterone affects millions of men and for those who get it treated medically, the benefits they receive help them look feel and live better and healthier lives.

Many women who are suffering from the symptoms of menopause also can benefit from hormone replacement therapy. We have women who come to us because of issues with sudden weight gain, sleeplessness, hot flashes and irritability and a low sex drive. Some men as they get older begin to see a decline in their performance in the bedroom which is where we can come in to offer our expertise. We have multiple options at our disposal. Some men are just looking for a slight boost and need certain ED medications, while others need more ificant assistance.

Regardless of your past or current medical history, we have options. One of our biggest areas in terms of experience and success is Stem Cell Therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments. We use umbilical stem cells and PRP to help patients with chronic pain from conditions like osteoarthritis, tendinitis, arthritis and acute injuries.

We help accelerate healing and knees, shoulders, elbows, chronic back pain and more with an all-natural, non-surgical alternative. We even perform stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injections for cosmetic procedures like facial rejuvenation and hair loss treatments. What sets us apart from the other clinics as our combination of experience, patient care and clinical outcomes.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business? Luck brought Andy and I together. Luck would have played a role in Andy leaving his job running 2 clinics to try his hand in starting a new company. Luck played a role in introducing us to the doctor. Other than fate bringing us together, we have put blood, sweat and tears into creating the premier anti-aging clinic in South Florida based on experience and patient feedback.

Lady wants sex FL Oakland park 33306

A combination of Luck, Karma, skill and hard work has started to pay off for the 3 of us and our patients. No true success story can occur without a combination of some skill and luck! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Every neighborhood in South Florida has its own vibe, style, culture and history, but what consistently amazes us is not what Carly, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with The community highlights series is one that our team is very excited about.

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Lady wants sex FL Oakland park 33306

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Lady wants sex FL Oakland park 33306

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