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Not every day is a good day. Loneliness is one of the biggest challenges expats face. From a different culture. In a different language. For small talk anyway. Living away from your friends and family is hard sometimes. Plain and simple. Well, not really. Not usually. But as someone who had a lot of friends back home, sometimes I reflect on life in France and miss that part of my old life. I do, most of the time. But nowhere is perfect. And I take full responsibility for the good and the bad. It was my choice to come here. Why do I have no friends, you ask? I do speak French. Here are my excuses reasons.

Our lives are what we make of them. A girl needs friends, right? The lonely expat cycle repeats. I live in France — not some semi-deserted island in the middle of nowhere…. So what have I done? Stay tuned for updates on that…. Stay up to date with everything Oui In France! This is so very true and thanks for being so honest about it. It is really hard to meet people. I have expat friends, but no German friends. My German is at the immediate level but I can make conversation.

Hi Riayn, thanks for commenting. There are so many parts of expat life that I love, but making friends is so hard. It is so much work to make friends and it gets so much harder the older we get. So thank you for sharing your experience. Heading to your blog now…. A very honest post! At first, I ed up for every social group, cooking class, book club, etc. Luckily, a few of them had like-minded husbands and later we did couple outings together. You really do have to put yourself out there.

Lonely want sex Paris

Hi Joy, thanks for your encouragement. Thx again!

Lonely want sex Paris

I live in Japan, and the same is true here. Hope someone fabulous comes along with a dog to at least give you one person to call a friend. Thanks for commenting, Sarah. Japan must be quite the culture shock, but glad you found some people to call your friends. Diane, I can totally relate! Reminds me of a Facebook post I wrote last week after meeting a woman from Iran…so I copied it below. The good news is we can always go home again to visit or live, unlike some other people.

And PS — I wish you were in Paris so we could gab over wine! Today I met an Iranian woman who put things into perspective for me: She had no choice but to leave her country. She will never be allowed return to her home country. She can never return. This happened two years ago. She came to France with her 15 yo daughter and nothing else. Wow, what a story!

I think when you have no choice, you just make it work and this woman is really an inspiration. I count my blessings every day. Wish we could down some wine together too!! Hi, I saw your post via Twitter — can definitely relate. Hi Gwan, I know what you mean about French women settling down early. And women in general. I like your post, and I can totally relate to it, as a French expat in the States. I also find it pretty hard to make friends. Maybe not in big cities with complete strangers, but through yoga or work, I find that Americans do give newcomers a chance.

I commend you for trying and keeping at it. I will be your friend! Oh you brought tears to my eyes. I am an Expat in Germany and am feeling so lonely. I have lived here for almost 2 years and have seen people come and go and I so long for a glass of wine and an open, honest chat with my friends from home.

Thank you so much for making me realize that I am not alone!

Lonely want sex Paris

All I can say is just take it one day at a time and keep trying. I went through the same thing living in Perth in Western Australia- it took me months to finally make real friends. After a while I concluded that it was just the region and that living in the city actually made it more difficult because the whole city was like a mass exodus as the work day ended. I even went to a bar by myself at happy hour which ended up being the worst experience ever although I know it has worked for others.

Lonely want sex Paris

Thanks for sharing your story- I know a lot of people will appreciate being able to relate and I hope things take a turn for the better! Thanks for sharing your experience, Arielle.

Lonely want sex Paris

Making new friends after a move is tough! Made some good friends that way. Once again, having to deal with making new friends in a new location. After all of my travels, I have friends all over the world. FB is a great way to keep in touch, along with phone calls, but its also important to be able to have a good girlfriend to have coffee or lunch with. It will always be something to work on. The friends I have now are the ones I met through waiting for my daughter at volleyball practices.

Hi Thuy, I totally agree that making friends is a lifelong journey — and if you move a lot, even more so. I remember thinking about how I was going to be the best new friend maker in Santa Marta, Colombia when I arrived. But the reality is exactly as you described it, lonely. A friend can mean the world to a person. I think making friends depends more on your personality than the fact that you are an expatriate. Sure you have to expose yourself and realize activities that allow you to share one or two hours with unknown persons.

Believe it or not the French are shy people, with exceptions of course. One way to get close to them is through the art of living…Invite them to your home for coffe or aperitif; Be simple and friendly with them. Almost everyone I know, foreigners living in France, obtained his first friends making French language courses. I am South American of Venezuela and is almost natural for us to make friends easily :- …By the way, the next time you come to Nice, on the French Riviera … know that you have a friend here….

I live in Bangkok, a city of 12 million — and I have never felt lonelier and more isolated than I do here…. I hope brings good things your way and this loneliness lifts. Although I hardly consider myself to be an expat, I am a long-term traveller and can relate to the difficult of making friends on the road. I lived in South Korea for a year and made a few friends, and some of them I still keep in touch with.

Yes, I can relate. It does get lonely, but I rather be alone than surrounded by the wrong people. Hang in there, Diane. I can relate to that. Cosette has a good point. I have a lot of acquaintances but few friends. I am very lucky that my parents live nearby so I have them. I have my husband and daughter. Takes even more of an effort!

Lonely want sex Paris

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Lonely expat problem: Making friends is harder than it looks