Mos def and alicia keys dating

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Home New Posts Trending Featured. Forums New posts Trending Featured Latest activity. Wiki Latest summaries Watched WikiPosts. Log in. What's new. New posts. Latest activity. Install the app. Did you know they dated? You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed May 31, Messages 23, Reactions3, Alleybux 55, No offense to Jigga, but what an upgrade! Click to expand Dang Tom, seems like you need to ease up on bringing up the S word into the conversation with these prospective boos.

Move over Diddy! Lo tried her best to get acquainted with Wesley Snipes around their Money Train filming days. The two shared a heated love scene in the movie, and you would think the passion would appear off-screen too. Well, first of all, Google is your friend. Second of all, Wood is a member of New Kids on the Block.

Could it be because people kept saying Danny was the ug-mug of the group and that Halle could do better?

Mos def and alicia keys dating

Uh, talk about a cradle robber! Back when Just Timberlake was just a hella young 16, he was dating year-old Fergie, way before she was ever affiliated with The Black Eyed Peas. My friends made fun of me and gave me the nickname Stella, from the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back, about a woman who dates this younger guy.

And he was. But one of the reasons we got along was because we both loved hip-hop and used to talk about the Black Eyed Peas and how amazing they were. Tip and Martinez are still good friends to this day though, as they show up and smile for pics together at numerous events. This is my first relationship. We were together for a really long time before we got married; we were in no rush. ed Sep 4, Messages 30, Reactions 37, 86 Alleybux 3, ed Dec 21, Messages 9, Reactions 49, Alleybux 50, Oh okay.

Sharap Its Ova. ed May 31, Messages 13, Reactions 39, 1, Alleybux 46, Nicole Kidman dated QTip as well. ed Aug 7, Messages 15, Reactions5, 5, Alleybux 24, ed Jan 12, Messages 7, Reactions 17, 16 2 Alleybux 66, I don't recall knowing about Wesley Snipes and Jennifer Lopez. However, it's not shocking.

That love scene in "Money Train" was too realistic,lol. Vanity G. ed Oct 7, Messages 15, Reactions 43, Alleybux 54, MrsJeremyLin said:. ed Jan 16, Messages 8, Reactions 27, Alleybux 54, Mos wasn't the only one. He was the reason she got that tattoo. And there's been whispers about others. I just don't understand her need to appear to "perfect", seems so silly. Alicia Keys and Loon remember him? Girrrrrrl ur late! He was bussin down Angie for a min ed Mar 16, Messages 16, Reactions 48, 79 Alleybux 59, Beyonce can miss me with that "Jay was my first" nonsense.

ed Oct 24, Messages 17, Reactions 50, 1, Alleybux 48, I knew about all of these except, for Fergie and Justinthat's too damn young. He wasn't even legal yet. ed Sep 4, Messages 6, Reactions 31, AlleybuxZelda said:. Jasmine Benz. ed Jul 16, Messages 43, Reactions1, Alleybux 28, For all you idiots, she stated that JayZ was her first "real commited relationship" meaning not just dating which is what her and Mos and others were doing.

ed Jun 12, Messages 3, Reactions 7, 3 3 Alleybux 18, Wow, didn't know about most of these! Joan Smalls. ed Aug 21, Messages 3, Reactions 6 1 Alleybux 66, Wow, I actually would love to see Mos Def and Beyonce as a couple. Goodbye Eyes. ed Jan 28, Messages Reactions 17 6 Alleybux 99, I justed watched that movie 'money train' on Netflix. Wesley and Jennifer would have made a cute couple. Scarlett O Hara.

ed May 30, Messages 14, Reactions 66, Alleybux Tennessee Slim. ed Nov 12, Messages 12, Reactions 54, 1, Alleybux 51, I knew all these but meagan and hot sex on a platter, and justin n Fergie-her original face head ass.

Mos def and alicia keys dating

They almost got serious. Then came sean The rest is history. ed Jul 23, Messages 3, Reactions 4, 48 15 Alleybux 3, JLo said in an old interview that she was sexually harrassed by Snipes because she repeatedly turned down his requests for dates. She said she was not interested in him and he made it hard for her on the set. ed May 24, Messages 1, Reactions 1, 12 25 Alleybux 36, That fergie and Justin timberland thing was a mess. Where we're his parents because fergies ass should have been arrested??

I wish a grown assed 23 year old woman would try to have a relationship with my 16 year old son. ed Jun 24, Messages 76, Reactions4, 1, Alleybux 84, LaLaLalaLa said:. Tennessee Slim said:. ed Sep 8, Messages 1, Reactions 4, AlleybuxBeyonce is such a liar She was fucking on MArques Houston.

ed Nov 7, Messages 1, Reactions 15, 41 Alleybux 11, Kokutan said:. Yep just before she was linked with Keith Urban. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Did You Know They Dated? Jun 6, Housebun Did you know know they were related?

Mos def and alicia keys dating

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Mos def and alicia keys dating

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