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Violent, impulsive and indulgent in the extreme, Max is the source of much of the franchise's unique humor. Max is an active member of the Freelance Police along with his long time brother and friend, Sam. He often refers to himself as a lagomorphthough he also sometimes refers to himself as a rabbit.

A rabbit is a type of lagomorph, so these are not mutually exclusive. He enjoys violence and prefers to solve problems aggressively. He has a slight distaste for the long stories, anecdotes, and sentences that Sam constantly spouts forth, often asking Sam and others not to use various words such as 'ensue' and 'acumen'. He shares Sam's enthusiasm in just about anything, especially if it involves large guns and trouble. He also has very poor hygiene, as he sometimes tastes his own belly button lint, and once had a large "suspicious growth" behind his ear.

Sam has commented on his pungent bodily odors on more than one occasion.

Need a fuck buddy 28 Flint 28

Both Sam and Max have also commented on the obscure fact that Max has a metal plate in his skull. Max always carries a Luger around, and when asked where he keeps it usually responds with "None of your damn business. He is fairly trigger-happy with it in the early comics, but this is rarely seen elsewhere.

Need a fuck buddy 28 Flint 28

Like Sam, he's a lousy shot and is never seen actually hitting anyone. Perhaps because of this, he prefers to get up close and simply leap at his foes and hurt them in whatever way he can come up with. This fails miserably about as often as it works; despite his boundless energy and love for violence, Max isn't particularly good at fighting. In some comics and over the duration of Beyond Time And Spacethis is shown more clearly. As of Abe Lincoln Must Die! He turned out to be capable of self-sacrifice, as shown when he told Sam and Papierwaite to help Sybil out of him so she could give birth rather than saving him.

In the end, his Super-Ego removed the tumor causing his behavior while Sam, Sybil and Papierwaite escaped through Max's nose. Unfortunately, a nuclear-armed Maimtron flew into Max's chest. He saved New York by teleporting away. In the end, Momma Bosco attempted to clone Max to life using a sample of his snot, but the DNA was "too weird" for the cloning machines to process it.

Fortunately, after the credits, when Sam went to Battery Park to mourn Max, the time-travelling elevator from Chariots of the Dogs appeared behind him with a Max from the past, alive and well, inside it. He explains that his Sam also transformed into a huge monster and had to be blown up. After a moment of awkward silence, Sam and Max, reunited, embark on their new adventures together with a few cases in mind.

An alternate ending has Sam rest his hat on the ledge when suddenly the Time Elevator appears and opens revealing nobody inside. Upon closer inspection inside it, Sam discovers the past Max beside him also inspecting it. Max reprises his role in the first ending explaining that Sam in his time gained powers but had to be destroyed. Max fails to hide his joy at the destruction despite his words, causing the awkwardness to. Sam and Max then decide to get to embark on their new adventures and enter the Time Elevator, but not without Sam picking up his hat, ifying that this isn't the end of the Freelance Police after all.

That's gladly for sure. Max is a fuzzy, white, 3-foot-tall, hyperkinetic 'rabbity-thing'. His appearance is generally cute and cuddly, but contrasted by his enormous sharp-toothed grin, which remains plastered on his melon-like head at almost all times. He has big feet and long ears that always stay upright, as well as a pair of glaring beady dark brown eyes. Max is best described as feisty, funny, fun-loving, silly, childish, reckless, impatient, annoying at times, destructive, and violent.

Although it's shown he can be quite emotional and caring, more so in the cartoon series than in the video games. Purcell describes him as 'being made up of pure Id ', and when it comes to comparing him and Sam, he states that "Sam is the guy we are, while Max is the guy we want to be. Sam has been Max's best friend ever since their childhood.

They attended high school together and later became untrained policemen, though it is unclear precisely when. They are incredibly close and will become tangibly uncomfortable when separated for any reason, both willing to delve into great lengths to protect each other. Max is known for showing his affection towards Sam in the form of violence, but he harbors no ill will towards him.

Several examples in the series show that they are married. Max serves the same questionable father-figure role to the Geek as Sam does. They seem to get along fairly well, oftentimes with The Geek being the more responsible of the two. The Geek seems to care about both Sam and Max quite a lot for taking her in, despite having to clean up after them almost constantly.

Although only appearing once, Max seems to form a parental relationship with Gary. Helping him overcome his anger issues and resolve his relationship with his parents. Max has one-sided animosity towards Lorne, and finds his presence annoying. He avoids him when he can, and will try to give him the slip whenever he shows up.

Max seems to admire Ruth a great amount as he follows her instructions and sayings without complaint. Max and Bosco seem to get along well enough, but it is apparent that Max enjoys pestering Bosco.

Need a fuck buddy 28 Flint 28

He and Sam go out of their way on many occasions to increase Bosco's paranoia for their own amusement. Much like his relationship with Bosco, Max is a questionably friendly acquaintance of Sybil's. He enjoys seeing what her latest career path is, and oftentimes humors her latest career services alongside Sam. Sybil has expressed that Max seems "a bit improbable" and once implied that he was Sam's imaginary friend. However it's clear that he cares enough about her to sacrifice himself for the birth of her.

Much like Sam, Max seems to tolerate Jimmy Two-teeth for the most part. They allow him to share their residence, but aren't afraid to get violent with him when there's a disagreement or they need something from him i. As his short-term co-star on Midtown Cowboys, Max did not seem to get too well acquainted with the overall uptight chicken.

Because of Pennyworth's generally standoffish behavior, Max took to poking fun at him instead. He refers to him as "Mr. Featherly" outside of the context of the TV show, purely to bother him. On their initial meeting, Agent Superball is dismissive of Max as they seem to be interrupting his job. However, when Max becomes President of the United States, he clearly gains more respect for him, as Max is now his superior.

After this him and Max have a friendly relationship. Neither Sam nor Max seem to care much for her dismissive attitude, and the fact that she refuses to call them by their real names. Initially, the duo thought Stinky killed Grandpa Stinky, but turns out it was all a misunderstanding. The tradition continuing till present day. All the while Grandpa Stinky remains with the same snarky attitude towards them. Momma Bosco furiously asks Max if he has a problem with women and he replies that girls are a "huge waste of time".

This made Momma Bosco quickly fall in love with Max. Despite not sharing any sort of romantic feelings towards her, he does become good friends with her, and admires her for punching Stinky in the face. To get Momma Bosco to fall out of love with him, they had to go back in time and make Max love women. Later on, after questioning him, he says that it will wear off because he could never stop loving Sam. Max obviously admires Flint Paper in both the comics and the Telltale series. Max sees Flint's violent nature as something to aspire to be.

In some ways, Flint is like Max without Sam, in that he is very unhinged and has nobody to hold him back. Max likes looking over into Flint's office to see what he's doing and is often amazed by what he finds. Max's family were shown in the comic The Damned Don't Dancebut none were named. Other than in Culture Shock where Max implies that most of his large family are criminals or in jail, and in Bright Side of the Moonwhere he responds to "It's the Lunar Lander" with "So was my aunt Tillie, but they can't prove anything", he doesn't talk much about them. It is implied that he has a negative relationship with his father due to his response that Bosco is "taking it too far" when the store owner compares Max to his father.

Need a fuck buddy 28 Flint 28

His name is Maximusand he appears to have work with Sam's great-grandfather, Sameth. Young Max has been in all three mediums Sam and Max has been in. He is a precarious, bold, and somewhat self-absorbed. He is always seen with Sam and stands up for him whenever someone truly hurts him. His appearance remains almost exactly the same, except for the fact that he is smaller overall and has short ears. Max's impulsive behavior is probably a main factor in the dangerous mischief he and young Sam's perpetrate, such as setting fire to things. In the Telltale games, Max isn't above name calling and bullying Sam around like the other kids do.

Though this may be viewed as taking Sam's friendship for granted, considering Sam's spontaneous nature coupled with the way he will treat Sam as an adult, he doesn't seem to really mean what he says and just wants a reaction from the usually timid Sam.

Need a fuck buddy 28 Flint 28

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