Poland women network

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Poland women network

Networking is an opportunity for creating lasting relations with influential experts and policy-makers. Opportunity to earn new skills and develop the existing ones while learning from the professionals. Women In International Security. The organization was created within the Casimir Pulaski Foundation — independent and apolitical think tank, which focuses on issues from fields of foreign policy and international security.

WIIS Poland promotes women in Poland and Eastern Europe, who are invested in the peace processes — peacemaking and peacekeeping — and international security. The national chapter of WIIS in Poland is the first step to enhancing the outreach of the network of the whole organization.

Poland women network

The inauguration meeting of WIIS Poland will take place early inwhich will allow to present and discuss the plans for the first year of its activities. During the meeting, interested parties will have a chance to register for membership as WIIS Poland and gain access not only to the WIIS Global network but also to other opportunities offered by the organization — i. Chapters and International Affiliates. Envision your career. Then make it happen. Together we make all the difference.

Summary of the meeting in the Embassy of Canada. Summary of the meeting in the Embassy of Canada On 10th of May we had pleasure t. Go to Top.

Poland women network Poland women network

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