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Critical violations are those factors leading to food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately. Noncritical violations are defined as items relating to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness.

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Critical violations: Egg rolls were stored in contact with a cardboard box. Several foods were not covered in cold holding. Noncritical violations: The shelves in the walk-in cooler and surfaces of prep tables were covered in cardboard, repeat violation. Noncritical violations: Dirty aprons were stored on the floor.

Containers of food were stored on the floor of the walk-in coolers. Tiles need to be repaired or replaced in the grill area. Critical violations: Raw eggs were stored above ready-to-eat foods. Bean sprouts were at 44 degrees in cold holding. Foods were not date-marked as needed.

Noncritical violations: There were no handwashing notices posted at handwashing sinks. There were flies in the kitchen. The back door was open and not covered with a screen. Containers of food were not covered; a pan of rice was stored on the floor. Grease is dripping onto several nonfood contact surfaces. The hose for the wok does not have a back flow prevention device. A handwashing sink was draining into a 5-gallon bucket. A trash can in the women's restroom did not have a covering. The facility was not cleaned properly before the close of business.

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Four large bags of aluminum cans were stored against the facility, equipment that is not necessary to the operation of the establishment must be removed; areas beneath the refrigerator, grill and pipes need to be cleaned. The retail food permit was not posted. Critical violations: Water to the dishwashing machine was not at the correct temperature for sanitation.

Noncritical violations: Facility lacks refrigerator thermometer. Refrigerator has build up of residue on shelves. Noncritical violations: Test strips were not available for chlorine sanitizer. Restroom doors are not self-closing. The retail food permit needs to be updated.

Critical violations: Raw eggs were stored above packaged ready-to-eat food. Salad dressings were held past their discard dates.

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Noncritical violations: Prep table did not have a thermometer. Ice scoop stored on top of ice machine. Manual can opener had food debris on it. Surfaces of prep table are not clean. Noncritical violations: Surfaces of shelves need cleaning. Two tiles need to be repaired in food preparation area. Critical violations: Oyster sauce was at 76 degrees. There are flies in the kitchen area. A hand washing sink does not have both hot and cold running water. Hose for wok does not have backflow device installed. Wait area sink drain is leaking. The mop bucket contained dirty water.

Floor drain for dish machine has food buildup in the floor. Noncritical violations: Grease buildup is leaking onto a vent hood and fire suppression system; there is grease dripping from hoses above ice machine and dead flies stuck to greaseon wall behind dish machine, also on outside and inside of walk-in cooler, and from all ceiling vents and air returns in the kitchen.

The women's restroom trash container does not have a lid. Outside area where aluminum cans are stored on last inspection has a wooden pallet in space between old walk-in, building and sidewalk. Critical violations: There was not an ased person in charge or manager at the time of inspection, employees had no knowledge about how to monitor food preparation times for safety or how to use chemical sanitizer concentration.

Food employee was drinking from a cup without a lid. Food employees state different time controls than what is written on the container. Written procedures were not available.

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Noncritical violations: A cooler and small refrigerator did not have a thermometers. Food employees were not wearing proper hair restraints. The interior of a refrigerator needs cleaning. The wall in food preparation area and the wall in mop sink area need repair. A wet mop was left in a bucket of dirty water. Critical violations: Sliced tomatoes and lettuce were not at 41 degrees or below in cold holding. Time controls for safety were not being properly recorded for lettuce. Critical violations: Tomato soup was at degrees in hot holding; a containers of beef brisket and ready-to-eat bacon strips were not marked with a discard date, issue.

Noncritical violations: Ownership of this establishment has changed, permits are not transferable to new owners. Trash cans in restrooms must have a lid. Critical violations: A handwashing sink must be accessible to employees at all time, have an adequate amount of hand soap and hand towels; there were dirty dishes in a handwashing sink. Test strips must be available and used to test the strength of chemical sanitizing solutions.

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Noncritical violations: Observed wiping cloths stored in sanitizer solution that was at or near a concentration of 0 ppm. Noncritical violations: A dog was behind the bar; live animals may not be allowed on the premises except where specified in the retail food establishment regulations. Noncritical violations: Small section of painted wall finish lacks repair in back food preparation area. Critical violations: There must be a supply of individual disposable towels or a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel or a heated-air drying device at each hand washing sink in food preparation, toilet and warewashing areas.

Noncritical violations: Facility lacks an internal probe food thermometer or refrigerator thermometer. Food must be stored in compliance with established regulations. No valid food permit was on display. Noncritical violations: Items must be stored to prevent contamination. Store ice scoop in a container that can be sanitized. No hot water in facility. The faucet for the handwash sink near the soda fountain is loose.

Critical violations: Handwashing sink at bar does not have paper towels. Raw meat was stored above produce in walk-in cooler. Multiple items in walk-in cooler were not date-marked. Noncritical violations: Use sanitizing rinse on beer glasses after washing and rinsing. Critical violations: Raw salmon and tuna being used in sushi rolls, parasite destruction forms unavailable. Broken plastic container being used as scoop in cooked brown rice. Cantaloupe in cold holding in buffet at 58 degrees should be at 41 degrees. Multiple items in walk-in cooler lacked date-marking. Critical violations: Several food employee drinks lack lids in the food preparation area.

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