Single in subject line

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The only thing standing between your well-crafted and your subscribers is a great subject line. We'll share our guiding principles to writing effective subject lines and provide tips that will help you improve your open rates. You've spent a lot of time crafting the perfect. You're excited to share it with all your subscribers. There is one last step that can make or break your campaign—writing a catchy subject line for higher open rates. The subject line along with your preheader text compete with hundreds of other s in your subscriber's inbox.

If you get the messaging right, they will open your. marketing is one of the most personal forms of marketing communication. The ability to target individuals allows you to personalize your messaging which improves your conversions. Here are a few ways you can personalize your subject lines and make a stronger connection with your readers:. When a reader sees his or her name in the subject line, something happens in their brain where they need to see what it is.

This level of personalization is easy to implement and available to every MailerLite user. People feel a connection to their hometown. When you include location-specific language in the subject line, your readers will be curious about what is happening in their area. If you have collected data on your users, find ways to connect with them through their interests. For example, you can segment your audience by their favorite sports team. By calling out something meaningful to your subscribers in the subject line, they are more likely to open the. Note: Personalization can generate greatbut you have to be careful NOT to use it every time you send an.

Too much will lessen the effect until the reader starts ignoring it. You can have the most personal subject line, but if the is sent from a strange address, your will end up in the trash, or even worse — marked as spam. The first two things people look at in their inbox are the subject line and the sender's name.

Use a familiar name. If possible, send the from a real person. For example, 'Jonas from MailerLite' works well because the reader will recognize the company and the name adds a personal touch. In a world of endless spam and bots, personalizing your sender address breaks through the inbox clutter. Sometimes personalization isn't the right approach for your campaign. You need to clearly communicate something that the reader either really needs or wants. To be truly relevant, you need to be specific and descriptive in your copy.

Not only are readers turned off, but it also indicates that your content is not relevant enough to explain it simply. Subject line 1 is not very descriptive and makes a big claim with nothing to support it. On the other hand, line 2 lets the reader know exactly what to expect in the.

The best subject lines make a promise and then deliver on that promise. Of course, your content must deliver on the promise, or your bounce rate will go through the roof. marketing that is relevant means sending the right messages to the right people. Instead of blasting out an to your entire list, you can increase relevance by segmenting your audience into smaller groups.

When you send s to smaller portions of your list, you can get more specific based on that group's interests or needs. You can also increase relevance by implementing automation triggerswhich send people s based on their behavior. For example, when a user re your blog, you can automatically send them an with more content related to the blog. You can't get more relevant that! Over half of your subscribers are viewing s on mobile devices. The subject line parameters change with mobile.

Single in subject line

Keep your subject lines under 40 characters to ensure it's readable on every device. People like answering questions. Questions draw the reader into the conversation as a participant. Try subject lines that pose a question to pique curiosity. Your open rates are likely to increase as people naturally want to find answers.

Single in subject line

For some reason, people love to click on s with s and lists. Perhaps it's because their expectations are clearly defined or it's easier for the brain to process. Whatever the reason, s and lists have been proven to work.

Our data shows subject lines using s generate a Don't use phrases that sound too salesy or make promises you can't keep. Readers are savvy to click bait and will immediately mark your as spam. Do your best to minimize exclamation points or CAPS. People are usually not as excited as you are about your. In fact, our data found that subject lines that insist on urgency perform much worse.

Have you ever noticed how Apple sells out of their newest products forcing most to wait?

Single in subject line

Apple has mastered the scarcity principle, where the value rises when demand is greater than supply. You can use this same strategy in your subject line. Let readers know that your offer is limited or has an expiration date. Know your audience and proceed with caution. Younger demographics love emojis. If you use them appropriately, they will help improve open rates. More professionally-minded audiences might NOT respond well to emojis. Sometimes your readers need to be told what to do.

Giving them clear direction and a strong call-to-action will actually help them take action. The trick is to give a directive without being too bossy. We searched millions of s to find effective subject lines. These lines were chosen because they had exceptional open rates. It's good news! me on the magic GDPR carpet ride Our data scientist analyzed millions of marketing campaigns to unearth new insights about effective subject lines.

Single in subject line

These keywords that raise a sense of urgency tend to repeat in very poorly-performing campaigns. Open rate increases when the s are used in the subject line for campaigns sent since by US and Canada s Takeaway: s can increase open rate if used properly and for certain industries.

See below. The preheader is your subject line's best friend. It's the first line of text that appears next to the subject line. This is especially important for mobile devices where the preheader is often more prominent than the subject line. For example, iPhone only allows 35 characters for a subject line, but displays about characters of the preheader.

That is a full tweet! Well, an old tweet before twitter increased it to characters. Seize the opportunity to include compelling text that communicates your value proposition and motivates your readers to open the. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? You spend a lot of time crafting the perfectbut if no one opens it, they will never know what they are missing.

Keep it fresh. If something works, that doesn't mean you use it every time. When in doubt, test! Testing your s is so important, we wrote a whole chapter on it. The subject line and preheader should work together to build anticipation of your valuable content. We usually open and read s that are sent by someone we trust and know.

That means you need to deliver value in every single to build your reputation. up. Open main menu. Features Pricing Gallery.

Single in subject line

Search MailerLite. Make it relevant.

Single in subject line

Test to optimize. How to personalize your subject lines. Here are a few ways you can personalize your subject lines and make a stronger connection with your readers: Insert your reader's name into the subject line. Refer to your reader's location. Highlight your reader's interests.

Single in subject line

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12 Tips for Creating the Best Subject Lines (with Examples)